About Us

Jonahs Purse provides great benefits to our users. We boast our loyalty reward program. The rewards work by getting a certain dollar amount. Once you reach the peak, store credit will be added to your account. You get detailed information about points and rewards in the account that you created. We also help users to achieve a certain number of points through promotion. Our newsletter can help users get promo codes.

We offer the customer to create a Wishlist whether they want to purchase the item later in the future. You can share the desired item with anyone you know.

Gift cards are available for purchase. Once purchased, it can be sent by email. Users can also pick in the image gallery in which you can choose the gift card layout!

To make shopping easier, we offer to customize filters for our users. You can search by rating, pricing, and date in different ranges.

When you purchased an item, you get an invoice being sent to your email.

We do this for users, like you, to have great confidence in us!